It’s been a long time I don’t came to share here. hehe

Many things happened in this last 2 months.

mom and dad always call me everyday, and specially my beloved beautiful grandma asking me to go home, xixi It’s alright because I had been 2 months in this place.. far from home, far from mom, dad, brothers, grandma, and of course my cats (apuh and dudum) 😀
Well, I miss home so, but I just can’t go home now. I have many tasks, here.. SO, what can I do?

there is a boy, that has a feelings in me. ‘Feeling’. You got me. I don’t know what to say about him. He comes and goes just so so.. Maybe we just know each other, in text only. When we meet, he just turn as if he doesn’t know me at all. well, it’s fine for me actually..
But there’s another boy, have a same propose like the boy above, maybe. he is just little softer than the first boy. I don’t know, he just keep in touch, slowly moving to me. When we meet he comes close to me, talk with me, kidding me.. he want me to meet his friends.. I feel more comfortable, really.. Just feel that I am exist.. 🙂

abut my boyfriend, he is so far far far far far far away…. and thing’s that make me sad is, we have very limited conversation at all.. He is busy and I am busy. Done. -,-”

Next is my best friend’s birthday, There were sweet, funny, crazy, and unforgettable moments.. No more sadness, just happy happy and happy.. Happy birthday and Wish u all the best, ayu-chan.. 🙂 # Diyah Ayu Prihatin

And the last is thing that called ‘PKM’ that makes me busy.. It’s a task from my lecturer. It’ll be fine if it’s only one, but I have 3 project.. haha So What? 😀

live is goes on no matter what happens to me.. just keep smiling, keep going, and keep moving for beloved myself.. 🙂

PS: I haven’t though twice about this, but maybe it is easier to be single than to have a long distance relationship, xaxaxaxa 😀