It’s about a boy once more. Oh, come on…..

Well.. He was my classmate  in my first and second grade when I was in Senior High School. He is a kind boy. He is smart, funny  and of course he is a simple boy. We has a beautiful friendship. And now, I don’t know, maybe it’s just my feeling that he just so care to me. It is too much, I think..

I am happy as he care to me, but sometimes I don’t know how to respond about what he did. I am just confused, and still thinking about what to do and what to say..

Hey, Boy.. Could you just be like this.? I mean, just tell me a lie about what your heart is feeling. Tell me that you just want to be nice, no more.

Tell me you don’t love me.. Do not say that you love me, no matter what. Just make me confused about what to do.

Please, I beg…..